Spiritfarer How To Cook For Spirits

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Cook For Your Spirits (All Food Likes, Dislikes, and Recipes)

One of your primary duties in Spiritfarer is to prepare meals for your crew using a kitchen and up to two ingredients.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to cook food for your spirits and highlight each one’s likes, dislikes, and favorite recipes.

How To Cook For Your Spirits

Spiritfarer How To Cook For Spirits

The cooking mini-game is probably the easiest one in the game, with the only requirement being time. Once you have built a kitchen, you can go inside and interact with the oven to start cooking. Select your ingredient, wait for the timer to finish, and voila! You have a meal you can now give to one of your Spirits.

The amount of time it takes to cook will depend on the ingredient selected. Feeding your Spirits food will cause their mood to go up and may advance their questline or unlock new objectives. Later on in the game, you can upgrade the kitchen, giving you the ability to combine up to two ingredients.

Try cooking with a bunch of different ingredients to discover new recipes and learn more about your crew’s taste buds. Note that any recipes you previously made can be repeated by selecting them from the ‘Recipes’ tab in the cooking menu.

All Food Likes and Dislikes

Spiritfarer Spirit Food Likes and Dislikes

Since each Spirit that boards your ship has a unique palette, some will prefer certain foods over others or may outright reject what you have to offer. Try to pay attention to their requests and hints regarding which foods they like or dislike. Giving a Spirit their favorite dish will cause their mood to go up significantly.

When a Spirit’s mood is in good standing, they’ll start to pitch in around the ship in different ways. For example, Summer will play music to make crops grow faster, Alice will cook food on her own, and Astrid will make Ingots using the Foundry. That being said, below we’ve highlighted each Spirit’s likes, dislikes, and favorite dish:

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  • Likes: Comfort Food, Fine Dining Food
  • Dislikes: Anything with Shellfish or Fruit
  • Favorite Dish: Black Coffee (Coffee Beans)


  • Likes: Everything
  • Dislikes: Nothing       
  • Favorite Dish: Pork Chops (Pork)


  • Likes: Salads, Dessert, Vegan Food
  • Dislikes: Non-Vegan Food
  • Favorite Dish: Grain Salad (Grain + Any Vegetable)


  • Likes: Plain Food, Soups
  • Dislikes: Anything Sweet, Fine-Dining Food
  • Favorite Dish: Noodle Soup (Rice Flour)


  • Likes: Old-Fashioned Food, Dessert
  • Dislikes: Acquired Taste Food, Exotic Food, Stimulants
  • Favorite Dish: Vegetable Pot Pie (Any Flour + Any Vegetable)


  • Likes: Breakfast, Dessert
  • Dislikes: Vegetables, Fruits, Stimulants
  • Favorite Dish: French Fries (Potato + Fat)


  • Likes: Fine Dining Food, Stimulants
  • Dislikes: Anything with Eggs or Carbs
  • Favorite Dish: Beef Fondue (Beef + Fat)


  • Likes: Acquired Taste Food, Exotic Food
  • Dislikes: Anything Fried or Sweet
  • Favorite Dish: Surstromming (Fermented Herring)

Bruce and Mickey

  • Likes: Pub Food
  • Dislikes: Single-Ingredient Food, Allergic to Crustaceans
  • Favorite Dish: Garlic Bread (Wheat Flour + Garlic)


  • Likes: Comfort Food, Old-Fashioned Food
  • Dislikes: Lactose Intolerant, Fruit
  • Favorite Dish: Tomato Pizza (Tomato + Wheat Flour)


  • Likes: Plain Food, Healthy Food
  • Dislikes: Fine-Dining Food, Fried Food, Meat
  • Favorite Dish: Green Salad (Any Leafy Vegetable + Fat)

All Food Recipes

Spiritfarer Food Recipes

As mentioned earlier, upgrading your kitchen will allow you to combine different ingredients to create a wider variety of dishes. The Kitchen Upgrade blueprint can only be acquired by advancing Atul’s questline. 

Dish Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Grilled Fish Any Fish or Cephalopod N/A
Steamed Shellfish Any Shellfish N/A
Popcorn Corn N/A
Poached Fruit Any Fruit N/A
Plain Rice Rice N/A
Grilled Vegetable Any Savory/Root Vegetable N/A
Lobster Germinal Lobster N/A
Heat-Treated Crab Snow Crab N/A
Black Coffee Coffee Beans N/A
Grilled Mushroom Mushroom N/A
Hot Milk Milk N/A
Grilled Chicken Chicken N/A
Cup of Tea Tea Leaves N/A
Cheese Fondue Cheese N/A
Candy Sweetener N/A
Grilled Steak Beef N/A
Noodle Soup Rice Flour N/A
Squid Skewer Squid N/A
Grilled Octopus Octopus N/A
Sunny Side-up Eggs Egg N/A
Bread Wheat/Corn Flour N/A
Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp N/A
Pork Chops Pork N/A
Questionable Meal Lettuce N/A
Coal Wood/Sawdust N/A
Homemade Paper Sawdust Household Glue
Paella Shellfish Grain
Shellfish Stew Shellfish Any Vegetable
Grain Salad Grain Any Vegetable
Southern Boil Any Crustacean Grain
Fish Curry Any Fish Grain
Clam Cake Clam Any Flour
Apple Pie Apple Any Flour
Bisque Any Crustacean Any Vegetable
Bouillabaisse Any Fish Any Vegetable
Berry Pie Berries Any Flour
Pear Tartlet Pear Any Flour
Fisherman’s Pie Any Seafood Any Flour
Cherry Pie Cherry Any Flour
Peach Cobbler Peach Any Flour
Lobster Roll Lobster Any Flour
Crab Cake Snow Crab Any Flour
Shrimp Tempura Shrimp Any Flour
Vegetable Pot Pie Any Vegetable Any Flour
Calamari Rings Squid Any Flour
Tuna Tataki Any Tuna Any Savory Vegetable
Mushroom Salad Mushroom Any Vegetable
Mock Gruel Sawdust Dairy
Clam Chowder Any Clam Any Dairy
Fried Surf Any Shellfish Fat
Muesli Berries Yogurt
Cereal Bowl Grain Dairy
Rice Pudding Rice Dairy
Maple Salmon Any Salmon Maple Syrup
Fruit Candy Any Fruit Sweetener
Corn Bread Corn Flour Fat
Fish Sticks Any Fish Fat
Vegetable Stir-Fry Any Vegetable Fat
Green Salad Any Leafy Vegetable Fat
Fried Rice Rice Fat
Latte Coffee Beans Any Dairy
Egg Salad Egg Any Vegetable
Sweet Coffee Coffee Beans Sweetener
Casserole Grain Any Meat
Corn Dog Corn Flour Pork
Fried Crawfish Any Crustacean Fat
French Fries Potato Fat
Focaccia Any Flour Fat
Cake Any Flour Sweetener
Meat Stew Any Meat Any Vegetable
Pancakes Egg Any Flour
Surf and Turf Any Crustacean Beef
Fried Mushrooms Mushroom Fat
Fried Chicken Chicken Fat
Meat Pie Any Meat Any Flour
Crepes Wheat Flour Milk/Cream
Wonton Soup Rice Flour Any Meat
Sweet Yogurt Yogurt Sweetener
Omelette Cheese Egg
Scrambled Eggs Egg Dairy
Crème Brulee Egg Sweetener
Frittata Egg Fat
Tomato Pizza Wheat Flour Tomato
Schnitzel Fat Pork
Bacon and Eggs Egg Pork
English Tea Tea Leaves Dairy
Cheese Sticks Cheese Any Flour
Sweet Tea Tea Leaves Dairy
Garlic Bread Wheat Flour Garlic
Toffee Dairy Sweetener
Sauerkraut Meal Sauerkraut Pork
Beef Fondue Beef Fat
Onion Rings Onion Any Flour

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