Oddworld: Soulstorm - Trophy List | Game Rant

Oddworld: Soulstorm – Trophy List | Game Rant

Oddworld: Soulstorm has just been released today for fans to enjoy as the newest installment to a long-time running series. Not only that, but the game is made available for subscribers of PS Plus for April 2021.

There is a lot to expect from the Oddworld: Soulstorm remake, with improved graphics but the same old dark humor that is pivotal in the series. Not only that, but there is now a set trophy list for gamers to acquire.

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Unlike most games, some of these trophies in Oddworld: Soulstorm are very specific and possibly difficult to get. So for the avid trophy hunter fans of the game wanting to get the platinum trophy, here is the list of all the trophies in the game.

33 Whose Side Are You On?

Players can earn the Whose Side are You On? trophy by failing to liberate the Mudokons.

32 Captured the Train

Gamers get the Captured The Train trophy by stealing a train and escaping from Trellis.

31 Escaped The Mines

Players can earn the Escaped The Mines trophy by escaping the Necrum Mines with the Flagon’s Eye.

30 As it was Foretold

Gamers get the As it was Foretold trophy by liberating the Mudokons.

29 High Stakes

Players can earn the High Stakes trophy by completing The Sanctum without dying.

28 Teach a Mud to Fish

Gamers get the Teach a Mud to Fish trophy by crafting their first recipe.

27 A Brewtiful Relationship

Players can earn the A Brewtiful Relationship trophy by crafting one of every item in the game.

26 Brewtal

Gamers get the Brewtal trophy by killing a Slig after soaking it in Brew.

25 The Light, it Burns!

Players can earn The Light, it Burns trophy by scaring off 500 Sleeches.

24 Scavenger

Gamers get the Scavenger trophy by looting 250 lootable items.

23 Abe the Healer

Players can earn the Abe the Healer by using the antidote on 15 sick Mudokons.

22 What a Slog

Gamers get the What a Slog trophy by outrunning a Slog for 15 seconds.

21 Sekto Spring’s Favourite Recycler

Players can earn the Sekto Spring’s Favourite Recycler trophy by recycling 100 bottles.

20 Trigger Finger

Gamers get the Trigger Finger trophy by killing 100 Sligs while possessed.

19 Ch’i Master

Players can earn the Ch’i Master trophy by being possessing one of every Slig type.

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18 Now You’re Thinking with Bird Portals

Gamers get the Now You’re Thinking with Bird Portals trophy by rescuing 100 Mudokons with bird portals.


Players can earn the IT’S A KNOCKOUT trophy by knocking out 100 sligs with Depossession.

16 Big Spender

Gamers get the Big Spender trophy by cashing 500 Moolah at the Mollah Gates.

15 Heartless

Players can earn the Heartless trophy by ending a level with negative Quarma.

14 Bloodless

Gamers get the Bloodless trophy by ending a level with positive Quarma.

13 Soulless

Players can earn the Soulless trophy by getting negative Quarma on five levels.

12 Soulful

Gamers get the Soulful trophy by getting positive Quarma on five levels.

11 You’re (Not) on Fire!

Players can earn the You’re (Not) on Fire! trophy by escaping the Monsaic Lines without getting hurt.

10 Savin That Moolah

Gamers get the Savin That Moolah Trophy by defeating the Eye of the Storm level without using a Vendo.

9 Friend of the Mudokons, Part 1

Players can earn the Friend of the Mudokons, Part 1 trophy by resuing enough Mudokons to get good Quarma in the Reunion At The Old Trellis level.

8 Friend of the Mudokons, Part 2

Gamers get the Friend of the Mudokons, Part 2 Trophy by rescuing enough Mudokons for good Quarma in the Escape level.

7 Too Pure For This World

Players can earn the Too Pure For This World trophy by getting to the Oddworld: Soulstorm ending  without killing more than 100 Sligs.

6 Hardest Mudokon in the West

Gamers get the Hardest Mudokon in the West trophy by beating every level without Abe dying.

5 Gameplay Master, Bronze

Players can earn the Gameplay Master, Bronze trophy by getting a quarter of the different badges.

4 Gameplay Master, Silver

Gamers get the Gameplay Master, Silver trophy by getting half of the different badges.

3 Gameplay Master, Gold

Players can earn the Gameplay Master, Gold trophy by getting three-fourths of the different badges.

2 Gameplay Master, Platinum

Gamers get the Gameplay Master, Platinum trophy by getting every badge in the game.

1 The Chosen One

Players can earn The Chosen One platinum trophy in the game for getting every other trophy.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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