Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournaments Start in 2020

Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournaments Start in 2020

Legends of Runeterra launched in early 2020 and hasn’t had the impact that Riot Games was likely hoping for. However, that doesn’t mean its full potential has been reached yet. Riot has major plans to continue supporting Legends of Runeterra through the rest of 2020, including a new event, and the start of competitive tournaments. Starting with the new expansion, Riot will be holding in-game tournaments at the end of each season.

The first seasonal Legends of Runeterra tournament has been announced to begin on December 6. It will cap off the Monuments of Power season that will be starting October 14. Riot says that tournaments will be run entirely within the Legends of Runeterra client, which answers any questions regarding travel during the ongoing pandemic. Each tournament will feature more than 1,000 of Legends of Runeterra‘s best players, per region.

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Riot is also going out of its way to make qualification for the end-of-season tournaments a simple and fair process. The Legends of Runeterra ranked leaderboard will be a major source of qualified players for the tournament, but League of Legends developer Riot Games also acknowledges that not all players can dedicate three months to maintaining a position on the leaderboard. As such, it will hold a Last Chance Gauntlet event on December 4.

Assuming nothing changes or goes wrong with the Monuments of Power season, Riot will continue to hold these events every three months. Each three-month season will start with the release of a new expansion, feature new card releases each month, and then end with two weeks of competitive entertainment. If that wasn’t enough, Riot also hinted that more news about its plans for a competitive Legends of Runeterra scene will be coming in 2021.

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Legends of Runeterra is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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