Divinity 2: 10 Best Skill For An Elementalist | Game Rant

Divinity 2: 10 Best Skill For An Elementalist | Game Rant

Players who have played Divinity: Original Sin 2 know the allure that magic has. In the right hands, magical abilities can be devastating to enemies and leave scars across the battlefield. None know this more than the Elementalist.

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The Elementalist is also referred to as the Enchanter and wields magic like no other. While they are able to heal allies thanks to their use of the Hyrdosophist skill tree, they can also wreak havoc by suffocating enemies with their air-type skills. The Enchanter is definitely one class that enemies will not want to go up against.

10 Blinding Radiance

Blinding Radiance is one of the skills that players get access to while creating their character, but if they choose not to take it they can always buy it in Fort Joy at the beginning of the game. This skill is one of the best starting skills for an Enchanter due to the blinding effect that it gives off. It deals damage to all surrounding enemies and sets the blind status effect. Enemies who are blind are far more likely to miss when they attack, This skill will help keep allies safe who happen to be in the enemy’s crosshairs.

9 Teleportation

Teleportation is one of the best skills in the game and one that should be put on many builds. During combat, players can use Teleportation to move enemies to different locations. Tired of that enemy who ran up and started attacking? Send them away and place them on top of a tower or next to an ally with a strong attack. Teleporting an enemy on top of another will damage both enemies. Teleportation can also be used outside of battle to move allies around the map to new locations and move items so they can be retrieved.

8 Uncanny Evasion

Uncanny Evasion is another one of those skills that are useful on many builds that players can create. This skill heightens a player’s evasion making them extremely hard to hit. The increase to dodging is 90%, so any attack is almost guaranteed to miss. On top of the increase in dodging, Uncanny Evasion also increases the character’s movement speed. An increase in movement speed means that it will cost fewer action points to move. One of the best parts about this skill is that it only costs one action point to use.

7 Superconductor

Superconductor is one of the best attack skills that an Enchanter gets access to. As a bonus, this is one of the few electric skills that doesn’t harm allies. This skill causes lightning to shoot out from the caster and hit every enemy surrounding them.

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Since this skill is electric it can cause enemies to receive the shocked status effect and or even stun them. Shocking an enemy decreasing their dodging capabilities and lowers the number of action points they receive on their turn.

6 Ice Fan

Along with the electrical and air abilities, Enchanters get access to Hyrdrosophist skills. Hydrosophist skills have the capability to freeze and chill enemies. Ice Fan is one of the skills that players should try to get once it becomes available. Like the skill Searing Daggers, Ice fan casts three shards of ice that can either hit the same target or be aimed at three different enemies. Each of these ice shards causes ice patches to appear on the ground. This can make enemies fall and lose their next turn.

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5 Rain

Rain is a great skill for Enchanters to get because of the many uses it carries. Outside of battle, this skill can be used to put out fires and cleanse areas of status ailments like poison and oil. In battle, rain can be combined with skills like Global Cooling to create areas of ice. Since Enchanters can use electric abilities, they can electrify the water and cause even more damage to enemies. By playing the right cards, Enchanters can even create electrified clouds on the battlefield.

4 Global Cooling

Global Cooling can cause some major damage across the battlefield especially when combined with other skills. Global Cooling has a large area of effect that freezes all susceptible surfaces in an area like blood and water. On top of freezes surfaces, this skill also damages every character within the area of effect. Once surfaces are frozen, players can use skills like Ice Breaker to shatter the ice and deal massive damage to enemies in the area. Just be careful not to damage allies in the process.

3 Hail Storm

Players need to be extremely careful when casting Hail Storm since it can hurt allies pretty badly, but it is worth using for the amount of damage it can cause to enemies. This skill causes twenty shards of ice to rain down from the sky and blanket an entire thirteen-meter area in ice.

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These ice shards can of course cause the enemies to become chilled and frozen. As a bonus, the ice can make them fall. The downside to this skill is that it costs three source points and four action points, but the damage is easily worth the expense.

2 Healing Ritual

Healing Ritual is one of the best healing skills that an Enchanter should have. Let’s face it, allies will take damage at some point or another. Typically, it won’t be just one ally getting damaged in a fight. Healing Ritual heals multiple allies at one time as long as they are close enough together. Like any healing spell, Healing Ritual can also be used to hurt the undead. The good part about using Healing Ritual is that any undead allies will automatically be ignored if they are around the living allies.

1 Closed Circuit

Closed Circuit behaves very similarly to the Superconductor skill. It shoots out lightning from the caster that damages every enemy that surrounds them. The difference is that this spell also leaves behind a cursed static cloud. This cloud can set the cursed status effect on enemies who remain inside. This skill also has the potential to set the shocked and stunned status effects on enemies. This skill comes at a high cost of two source points, so players should be careful where about when they use it.

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