15 Games Like Resident Evil You Need To Play | Game Rant

15 Games Like Resident Evil You Need To Play | Game Rant

The gaming landscape is blessed with quality offerings, with the horror category also having a wide range for you to choose from. Unfortunately, Resident Evil has perfected every facet of this genre, with the original games being a blend of horror and action; Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 veered primarily toward action with scary twists, while Resident Evil 7: BioHazard returned to horror but as a first-person serving.

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This usually causes gamers to only indulge in this series, which isn’t fair to the number of other titles out there that also encompass the same mix of scares, thrills, and combat sequences. So, if you’re a Resident Evil fan, then there’s no doubt you’ll love playing the following games.

Updated November 23rd, 2020 by Mark Sammut: Capcom has confirmed Resident Evil Village, the eighth main entry in the series, is set to debut in 2021. Sticking to a first-person perspective, Village looks ready to follow in the footsteps of its immediate predecessor. For those who prefer the franchise’s earlier eras, there are plenty of other games that can scratch that itch. Some are closer to Resident Evil’s PS1 horror roots, while others have more in common with the action-driven later entries.

15 Shadows Of The Damned (2011)

Produced by Shinji Mikami and Grasshopper Manufacture, Shadows of the Damned went through a tough development cycle that saw it practically transform into a different game by the end. The finished product plays like a comedic version of the action-focused Resident Evil titles, as players guide a demon hunter through the underworld to save his girlfriend.

Putting aside some mini-games that do not deliver, Shadows of the Damned plays fine for a third-person shooter. The game’s stunning environments and creative monster designs are the true stars, although the characters are pretty fun too.

14 Devil May Cry (2001)

As fans of both franchises surely know, Devil May Cry originally started out as Resident Evil 4. Ultimately, Hideki Kamiya’s team took the project in too different of a direction to pass as another entry in the horror series, leading to the creation of 2001’s Devil May Cry.

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Split into missions and pushing action to the forefront, Devil May Cry moves at a blistering pace as players seek to stylishly take out all sorts of enemies by mastering Dante’s various weapons and moves. Similar to Resident Evil, Devil May Cry features plenty of puzzles and a ghoulish setting. The series would expand on the combat in later entries, but the original Devil May Cry is the closest to Resident Evil.

13 Dino Crisis Series (1999-2003)

Basically pitched as Resident Evil but with dinosaurs, Dino Crisis retains many elements that helped make Capcom’s zombie franchise so beloved. Puzzles, limited inventory, tank controls, and tight spaces are present and accounted for in the original Dino Crisis, and the dinosaurs produce plenty of memorable encounters even if they are not especially terrifying.

Dino Crisis 2 is more of a straight-up action game, and it is perhaps the best in the series. While the franchise would go on to produce one more main entry and a spin-off, they are not great.

12 Parasite Eve Series (1998-2010)

Developed by Square, Parasite Eve blends RPG elements with survival horror to create a surprisingly effective mix. Set in New York City, the game follows an NYPD officer, Aya Brea, as she tries to track down a woman who has become something far more dangerous than an average human.

The story is paced well and features a roster of memorable characters; in fact, Parasite Eve is worth playing for its narrative alone. The combat offers an interesting but somewhat clunky mix of RPG and survival horror elements, while the upgrade system adds a degree of strategy to battles. Parasite Eve and its sequel are both fantastic, while 2010’s The 3rd Birthday is polarizing.

11 Deep Fear (1998)

While the Sega Saturn tends to get overlooked as a console, it did produce a couple of noteworthy (and underappreciated) titles. Debuting the same year as Resident Evil 2 and cut from the same cloth, Sega’s Deep Fear did just enough to stand out on its own.

Set in a claustrophobic submarine and featuring many impressive monster designs that take inspiration from horror and sci-fi concepts, Deep Fear offers more engaging gameplay than its contemporaries, allowing it to age better than most late ‘90s titles. Fans of the 1996’s Resident Evil should really check this classic out.

10 Silent Hill Series (1999-2012)

At the peak of its success, the Silent Hill series was considered the definitive alternative to the Resident Evil games; it was the eerier counterpart to the latter’s more action-oriented approach. 

Silent Hill games were for those gamers who didn’t want to feel in control of the action but wanted to feel as if they really were trapped in a horror-filled world. As Resident Evil descended further into action, fans were glad the Silent Hill games were there to carry the torch for the horror genre – it reminded them of the original Resident Evil installments, which favored the scares over the fights.

9 Days Gone (2019)

This one is for those who happened to enjoy Resident Evil 6, the entry in the series that was the most action-packed. Days Gone does feature its fair share of thrills, and it’s not the prettiest sight when you’re bolting away from a horde of ravenous zombies. 

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Those players who felt Resident Evil 6’s large scale action was minimized in quantity due to the separation of story modes will feel as if they’re getting their full experience with Days Gone, as the open-world ensures you get zombie fights aplenty.

8 DayZ (2018)

The first Resident Evil games did empower the player character with weaponry, but these didn’t give them enough strength to fight off a number of zombies, which made it more of a scavenger-like experience. Here comes DayZ to make that setting larger than you’d imagine.

Here, the player is dropped into a savage world where survival is the key aspect to the gameplay. If you want to understand what it would truly be like in a zombie-infested world, then DayZ is the closest simulator you can find to it.

7 The Walking Dead Series (2012-19)

The narrative is an important part of the Resident Evil games, more so in the earlier entries than the later ones; The Walking Dead series should feel like a throwback to these times. These games are reminiscent of the earlier Resident Evil entries, where you do get to fight back, but don’t have any chance of dominating these sequences. 

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There’s the added benefit of digging into the storyline here, as The Walking Dead games have bagged Game of the Year prizes mainly due to their expertise in supplementing the gameplay with a quality plotline.

6 P.T. (2014)

Oh boy, if you thought Resident Evil 7: BioHazard was scary, then P.T. will ensure you never go back to sleep. This was supposed to be the demo to Silent Hill but is now considered as a standalone piece. 

The only thing for you to do here is to get your heart jogging laps around your chest, as the game’s horror is doled out in times where you least expect it. It’s a cat and mouse chase with the violent spirit, which makes Resident Evil 7: BioHazard’s gameplay seem like a walk in the park in comparison. Unfortunately, while you can’t play this game (it’s been revoked by the publisher), you absolutely need to check out the gameplay available on the internet.

5 The Evil Within (2014)

The director of the Resident Evil series brought The Evil Within to consoles as well. This game, though, is a lot more on the bloodier side of things than the former series. However, there’s still survival to be pursued, and The Evil Within throws at you perilous moments galore.

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It could very well have topped Resident Evil itself in playing value, but the game does overdo itself by presenting every feature of gameplay you can think of; you’ve got melee combat, shooting mechanics, supernatural scenarios, traps, and the use of stealth. Still, you can’t deny there’s fun to be had here.

4 Left 4 Dead (2008)

While it might not have many similarities with Resident Evil in terms of gameplay and presentation, Left 4 Dead is definitely a game for zombie horror enthusiasts. You can think of it as a shooter version of Resident Evil 7: BioHazard if you must, but the game is worth checking out regardless.

Here, the purpose is to take the fight to the zombies and come out on top by engaging them using a four-person team. The replay value is bolstered by the presence of co-op mode, where up to four players can join you.

3 Dead Space (2008)

This game displays the impact of Resident Evil 4, where the over-the-shoulder revolutionary feature enabled many future quality games to see the light of day. Dead Space is like Resident Evil in space, and its “zombies” offer a curiously scary insight into the creativity that can come out from this genre in gaming. 

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The story is simple enough in that the protagonist has to escape the reanimated bodies of his former crew in space as they seek to devour him. Every foe has a different method of approaching, which makes Dead Space both haunting and impossible to get bored of.

2 Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Yes, strange as this association might seem, Batman: Arkham Asylum is comparable to Resident Evil 4. That’s because you’re left trapped in the most insane area of the DC Universe, where calling out the Justice League is futile. 

The foes might be human, but they’re more dangerous than your average zombie might be. Batman is left to fend for himself as every character in that torturous asylum is out to get his head. Plus, we’re all aware just how blood-curdling the Joker can be at his scariest.

1 The Last Of Us (2013)

There are zombies, there are bloody sequences, and there are gruesome deaths for you to avoid – all in all, this is Resident Evil 4 told in a tragic sense. The Last of Us would be a world where Leon, Chris, and company were unable to stop the virus from spreading, and we’re left with humanity out to fend for themselves from the zombies.

There’s a similar over-the-shoulder gameplay style here, but you’ve got more room to fight and jump around compared to Resident Evil 4, along with the addition of a far more effective supporting protagonist in Ellie, compared to Ashley. The Last of Us is easily the best addition to the zombie genre following Resident Evil 4, and you’d best be on your way to playing it if you haven’t already.

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